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We make your dream garden come alive!

With 25 years of experience, Aridland Outdoor Services, have the expert knowledge to create beautiful landscapes that will be enjoyed for years to come. Our lawns are designed to reflect and complement their surroundings, and common feedback from our customers is that after a short while, the garden looks like it has always been there.

We work hard to provide irrigation and lawn services around Adelaide and Adelaide Hills that will exceed your expectations. We have a variety of irrigation components, control systems and valves to suit your needs, along with custom designed systems, and we maintain and enhance existing watering systems.

Contact Chris Trabilsie today for a free on-site consultation to assess your particular requirements and discuss options with you. Chris can also discuss the most appropriate lawn variety for the area, depending on shade, water requirements, pets etc.



With the changes to water restrictions you may need help getting your old sprinkler system functioning again. Aridland Outdoor Services have innovative solutions to drip and subsurface irrigation. We can install, repair and maintain your exisiting irrigation. Rejuvenate your old system now!

For a garden that is easy to manage, to conserve water, and to have a reliable and efficient provider, Aridland Outdoor Services is the answer!

Subsurface irrigation

Benefits to subsurface irrigation:

  • Minimal disruption to existing lawns
  • Deliver water directly to root zone
  • Minimize evaporation
  • Built-in root inhibitor to avoid blockages

We will advise on measures that will enable you to manage your existing system to maximise effective water usage. A timer system will control when and for how long you water, making your garden easier to maintain.

Chris and the team from Aridland Outdoor Services will take all your particular needs into consideration: soil type; turf variety; slope and lawn use, to design the correct system for you. A well designed system will ensure a healthy and lush lawn and garden!

lawn before and after
lawn before and after


Aridland Outdoor Services are experts in lawn variety and treatment selection. We do not cut corners when it comes to soil preparation, are proud of the excellent experience and knowledge we provide and the importance we place on saving water.

Lawn rejuvenation can involve a number of techniques: the Verti-drain method (a method of aeration), coring, over-seeding, weed and pest control, scarifying and/or fertilising programs.

We offer 3 drought resistant varieties of lawn:

  • Kikuyu
  • Santa Anna Couch
  • Sir Walter Buffalo

We also offer a maintenance service for existing gardens for both private and commercial customers including pruning, mowing, edging, and removing and replacing dead or damaged plants.

We truly do have the best techniques and service! Call us!

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