Quality Tank Products and Services in Adelaide and Adelaide Hills

We can meet your needs for:

Aridland Outdoor Services is a family business with an emphasis on personalised service and reliability. Your requirements will vary according to a range of factors including roof area, water usage and rainfall. 

Chris from Aridland Outdoor Services will assess and advise which tank is right for your application. We also offer a large range of tanks colours to complement existing fences or the exterior of your home.

Our Poly Tank Color Selection

tank colors

For further information on rebates information is available from SA Water

For information on rainfall in your local area visit the Bureau of Meteorology

Leaf strainers

Leaf strainers fitted to the gutter outlet will catch small leaves and other matter from entering your rainwater system.

First flush diverters

A first flush diverter fitted to your tank entry point will prevent any build up of debris from entering the tank.

Cartridge filter system

A cartridge filter system can be fitted for water to be used in the home.


We can install a large range of pumps according to your needs.  These can be connected to irrigation systems or to the house for drinking, laundry and other needs.

"I thought your service was very efficient. Quoting was done on time and the job was then completed on time and when you said it would be done. Communication from your office to me was very professional. The job was left very clean and proper. Well done."

A. Wiegelmann, Westbourne Park


What we offer

Aridland Outdoor Services offers in Adelaide and Adelaide Hills:

  • Free expert advice
  • Free delivery
  • Supply only or supply plus installation
  • Manufacturers' guarantee - up to 25 years

Comprehensive range:

  • Polyethylene
  • Galvanised
  • Aquaplate
  • Underground
  • Concrete
  • Modular or round

A complete service:

  • Assessment of your needs
  • Advice and quotation
  • Site preparation
  • System repairs and maintenance
  • Plumbing

We can cater for all needs - large or small and .. you may be eligible for government or council rebates!